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How far away does a receptacle outlet have to be from a plug-and-play spa/hot tub per code?

Monday, May 31, 2021

The minimum distance between any receptacle and a plug-in 120-volt hot tub is 6 feet, including from the receptacle connected to it, per National Electrical Code (NEC 680.34). The required distance is measured from the inside wall of the spa tub and defined as “the shortest path the supply cord of an appliance connected to the receptacle would follow without piercing a floor, wall, ceiling, doorway with hinged or sliding door, window opening, or other effective permanent barrier."

   The cord should not be longer than 15 feet [NEC 680.42(A)(2)], and must have a GFCI-device that is an integral part of the attachment plug or within 6 inches of it (NEC 630.31). Also, all 120-volt receptacles within 20 feet of an outdoor tub must be GFCI-protected.

    So, the hot tub installed right next a wall receptacle in the photo above is “just not right.” Unfortunately, we often see this safety defect at the screen porch or patio of homes here in The Villages, Florida.

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