Friday, April 10, 2020

Here’s links to a collection of our blog posts about ELECTRICAL WIRING:

 Which house appliances need a dedicated electrical circuit?

 Can a short circuit cause a high electric bill?

• When did the requirement for two 20-amp kitchen counter appliance circuits begin?

 What causes copper wires to turn green or black in an electric panel?  

 What are typical aluminum service entrance wire/cable sizes for the electrical service to a house?

  Should I get a lightning rod system to protect my house?

 Does a wire nut connection need to be wrapped with electrical tape?

 What is the minimum clearance of overhead electric service drop wires above a house roof?

 What is three phase electric service?

 What is a reliable way to tell if the electrical service is 3 phase or single phase? 

 What are the requirements for NM-cables entering an electric panel box?

 Can I remove a 240-volt range receptacle and hard-wire the range? 

 Why is undersize electric wiring in a house dangerous? 

 What is tinned copper wiring?

 What is a conduit body or condulet? 

 How can extension cords become dangerous? 

 What are the code requirements for NM-cable (nonmetallic-sheathed cable or Romex®) in an attic? 

 What is the difference between the electric service to a mobile home and a site built home? 

 What is the difference between "grounded" and "grounding" electrical conductors? 

 What does it mean when a wire is "overstripped" at a circuit breaker?

 What is an open electrical splice?

 What is the life expectancy of electrical wiring in a house? 

 Can wiremold be used at an exterior location?

 Do any pre-1960 houses have aluminum wiring?

 How much does it cost to rewire a house?  

 What is an "open junction box"? 

 How dangerous is old electrical wiring? 

 What is a ground wire? 

 What are the most common homeowner electrical wiring mistakes?

  I heard that aluminum wiring is bad. How do you check for aluminum wiring? 

 What is "knob and tube" wiring? 

• Why is an undersized wire between a circuit breaker and a whole-house surge protector device acceptable?  

• Can I run an electric power cord or extension cord through the wall? 

 When did knob and tube wiring stop being used in homes? 

Is knob and tube wiring illegal?

• Why does running a power cord behind the wall for a wall-mounted TV violate the electrical code? 

• Is all cloth wiring dangerous? 

When did they stop using aluminum wiring? 

Is tinned copper wire safe? 

Can you run exposed NM-cable (Romex) in a garage? 

• What do ground wires look like?

• Does a home inspector check low voltage wiring? 

Does a home inspector check wiring?

• Can a home inspector tell me if the wiring in a home is safe? 

Can you run a power cord or extension cord through the wall?

Is it legal to bore holes through roof trusses to install wiring? 

Can a regular metal electrical junction box be installed outdoors?

• What is rag wiring? 

What is a service conductor?

• What are typical copper service entrance wire/cable sizes for the electrical service to a house? 

• What is a feeder conductor? 

 Is it legal to bore holes through roof trusses to install wiring?

• What does over-fused mean? 

Does a garage door opener need its own separate dedicated circuit?

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