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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Here’s links to a collection of  blog posts about “HUD-CODE FOR MOBILE HOMES":

• What are the HUD requirements for site drainage when installing a mobile/manufactured home?

• What is the minimum size of a bedroom in a manufactured/mobile home per HUD? 

Is a ground cover vapor barrier (plastic sheet) required under a new mobile/manufactured home? 

What is a "HUD label verification letter" for a mobile/manufactured home? 

What is a "HUD data plate/performance certificate" for a mobile/manufactured home? 

When did a ground cover vapor barrier (plastic sheet) become required under a mobile/manufactured home? 

How can I tell if a water heater is HUD-approved for mobile/manufactured homes? 

• What is a "Florida override" of HUD mobile/manufactured home installation standards? 

Is a metal roof for a mobile home approved for HUD Wind Zone 3? 

Can you move a Wind Zone 2 mobile home to Zone 3 in Florida?  

How much hurricane wind speed can a mobile home survive? 

Where do I find the vehicle identification number (VIN) on a mobile home? 

How many exterior exit doors are required for a mobile/manufactured home?

How do HUD-code mobile/manufactured home standards compare to the IRC building code for site-built homes? 

Can I convert a shipping container into a HUD-code manufactured/mobile home?

What are the ventilation requirements for bathrooms and kitchens in mobile homes? 

What are the HUD requirements for selling a remodeled or renovated mobile home? 

How do I upgrade my old (pre-1976) mobile home to meet HUD standards?  

What is the allowable load in psf (pounds per square foot) for mounting solar panels or other equipment on the roof of a mobile/manufactured home? 

How do I upgrade a park model to meet HUD Code for entry into a mobile/manufactured home park?

What does the HUD tag look like and where do I find it on a mobile home? 

Which are Wind Zone 3 counties for mobile homes in Florida?

 Do I need stairs at all exit doors from a mobile home? 

Can you move a Wind Zone 1 mobile home to Wind Zone 2 or 3 in Florida?

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Can you put a zone 1 mobile home in Florida?

How can I upgrade a wind zone 1 mobile home to wind zone 2? 

Does my mobile home meet wind zone 2 standards? 

How can I know if my mobile home meets HUD code?

Where are Wind Zone 2 and Wind Zone 3 for mobile homes located?

What is a D-sticker mobile home? 

What are the tie-down requirements for a mobile home?

Does an addition to a mobile home have to comply with the HUD Code? 

How can I replace a missing HUD tag (HUD Certification Label) for a mobile/manufactured home?  

Can I determine the year of a manufactured/mobile home from the HUD tag (red tag)? 

• Is it illegal to remove the HUD tag (verification label) from a mobile/manufactured home?

• Do Park Model trailers have a HUD plate?

• What year were mobile homes required to become more storm resistant? 

• What year did HUD first begin enforcing the HUD-code standards for mobile/manufactured homes? 

What is the minimum size of mobile/manufactured home per HUD standards?  

Does a modular home have a HUD tag? 

• What is a HUD Certification Label for a mobile home? 

• What is the HUD-code requirement for lighting in a mobile home? 

• What is the HUD-code requirement for whole-house ventilation in a mobile home? 

• What are the HUD-code requirements for a mobile home data plate? 

 • What is the HUD-code requirement for the manufacturer's serial number of a mobile home? 

What is the minimum size electric service to a mobile/manufactured home? 

• What is the minimum size of an exterior door to a mobile/manufactured home per HUD-Code? 

• What are the electrical code standards for a mobile/manufactured home? 

• Is aluminum wiring allowed in a mobile/manufactured home? 

• How many outdoor receptacle outlets are required for a mobile/manufactured home? 

What is minimum requirement for the insulation of a mobile/manufactured home according to the HUD-code? 

What is the minimum SEER that HUD requires for an air conditioner or heat pump for a mobile/manufactured home? 

• What are the HUD minimum requirements for foundation footings and piers under a mobile/manufactured home? 

• Is a ground treatment for termites required before installation of a new mobile/manufactured home? 

• What is the definition of a "permanent foundation" for a mobile/manufactured home? 

• Where can I find the manufacturer's model name for my mobile/manufactured home?

What is the difference between a manufactured/mobile home water heater and a regular water heater? 

Does the building code apply to mobile homes?

• What are the HUD-code requirements for mobile home ventilation? 

• Do mobile home exterior doors require a landing by code?

Can the flexible ducts under a mobile home be on the ground?

• Do Park Model homes require two exit/egress doors? 

Are carbon monoxide (CO) alarms required in mobile/manufactured homes?

• Can the required egress doors in a mobile/manufactured home be sliding glass? 

• What is the HUD code for manufactured/mobile homes? 

• What is the HUD requirement for bedroom emergency egress windows for manufactured/mobile homes? 

• What is the HUD-code minimum ceiling height in a manufactured/mobile home? 

• What is the HUD-code minimumum requirement for smoke alarms in a manufacture/mobile home? 

• What are the HUD-code requirements for building an attached garage for a manufactured/mobile home? 

What are the minimum room sizes for a manufactured/mobile home?

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