Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Here’s links to a collection of our blog posts about when current construction standards FIRST BECAME CODE:

What is plumbing venting? When was venting first required for plumbing drain systems? 

When did the first Florida Building Code (FBC) begin and become effective?

When did the requirement for two 20-amp kitchen counter appliance circuits begin?

• When was it first required that 240-volt receptacles for a clothes dryer and range be four slot (equipment ground connection)? 

 Is the latest edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) the standard used for the electrical system of new homes?

 When was GFCI-protection for kitchen dishwasher receptacle outlet first required? 

 When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required?

 When was the current receptacle/outlet spacing of 12-feet first required? 

When was pool bonding first required by code?  

When did arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breakers first become required?

When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required in the garage?

When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required in bathrooms?

 When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required in the kitchen? 

When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required near bathtubs and showers?

• When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required in balconies, decks, and porches? 

When were GFCI receptacle outlets first required in a laundry room?

When were exterior (outdoor) receptacle outlets first required to be GFCI?

• When  were receptacle outlets near a pool first required to be GFCI? 

When were receptacle outlets in the crawlspace under a home first required to be GFCI?

• When was a fire separation in the attic first required between sides of a duplex?  

• What year were mobile homes required to become more storm resistant?

When does the ban on R-22 air conditioning refrigerant take effect?   

• What year did HUD first begin enforcing the HUD-code standards for mobile/manufactured homes? 

When were home inspectors first required to be licensed in Florida? 

When was a gas water heater first required to be elevated 18 inches above a garage floor? 

• When did the code first set a limit of one neutral wire (grounded conductor) connection per lug/set-screw in an electric panel? 

When were smoke detectors/alarms first required in Florida? 

• Why is the National Electrical Code (NEC) so hard to understand and complicated? 

• When was an electrical receptacle outlet for laundry equipment (washing machine) on a separate, dedicated electrical circuit first required by code? 

• When were shower control valves first required by code to be pressure balanced and temperature limiting? 

• When were the water control valves for bathtubs first required to be temperature limiting (single handle)? 

When did AFCI protection first become required for most rooms in a house?

• When did AFCI protection first become required for kitchens and laundry rooms?

When was a vacuum breaker first required by code for hose bibbs? 

• When were electrical panels banned from installation in closets? 

• When were electrical panels banned from installation in bathrooms?

• When did the requirement for clearance in front of an electrical panel become code? 

• When were Edison Base (non-tamper-proof) fuse holders banned by code? 

• When was metal water pipe banned as the sole ground electrode for a house electrical system?

• When was a receptacle outlet for a washing machine first required by code? 

When was polybutylene pipe banned? 

• When was the current spacing for kitchen counter receptacles first required? 

• When was two 20-amp circuits for kitchen small appliances first required? 

• When did tamper resistant receptacle outlets become required by code? 

When was the three-slot (grounding) outlet/receptacle first required? 

• When was a disconnect within sight of an air conditioner or heat pump first required? 

• When did Florida start requiring re-nailing of roof deck sheathing for a roof replacement?  

• When were staples banned for roof sheathing attachment in Florida? 

When did the Florida code start requiring roof sheathing nails to be ring-shank instead of smooth?

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