How can I tell the age of a FHP (Florida Heat Pump) geothermal heat pump for the serial number?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The first letter of the serial number indicates the year of manufacture, starting in alphabetical order with “A” for 1971, but eliminating I, O, and Q, then recycling the letter code over again in 1994. 

          A = 1971 and 1994              M = 1982 and 2005              

          B = 1972 and 1995              N = 1983 and 2006

          C = 1973 and 1996              P = 1984 and 2007

          D = 1974 and 1997              R = 1985 and 2008

          E = 1975 and 1998              S = 1986 and 2009

          F = 1976 and 1999              T = 1987 and 2010 

          G = 1977 and 2000             U = 1988 and 2011

          H = 1978 and 2001             V = 1989 and 2012

          J = 1979 and 2002             W = 1990 and 2013

          K = 1980 and 2003             X = 1991 and 2014

          L = 1981 and 2004             Y = 1992 and 2015

                                                      Z = 1993 and 2016

So the serial number shown below indicates the heat pump was manufactured 1998, based on the letter “E” and the condition of the unit.

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