Saturday, May 26, 2018

Here’s links to a collection of our blog posts about STRUCTURE AND ROOMS:

Why is the grout cracking and coming loose at my floor tile?

What are the building code requirements for notching and boring holes in a wall stud? 

What causes dark or light "ghost" lines on ceilings and walls?

Why is a garage floor sloped?  

Does an attic access opening/hatch in a garage have to be fire rated?

Can you access or exit a bedroom through another bedroom?

What is the difference between a carport and a garage? 

What are simple ways to find the cause of a ceiling stain?

What is the minimum size of habitable rooms in a house according to the building code? 

Why is a carpeted bathroom a bad idea?

Why is my garage ceiling sagging? 

How can I identify what kind of wood flooring I am looking at?

Why does the laminate wood floor move when I walk across it? 

Is painted bathroom tile acceptable?

Why does my concrete floor slab sweat and get slippery?

What is the minimum ceiling height for rooms in a house? 

Why are there score line grooves in the concrete floor of the garage?

How much can I cut out of a floor joist? 

How can I tell if my floors are sloping?

Why do the floors slope in this old house? 

What are the common problems when a homeowner converts a garage to conditioned living space, such as a family room?

• How can I tell if a wall is load-bearing? Which walls can I take out? 

• What is the code requirement for fire separation in attic between sides of a duplex?

• When was a fire separation in the attic first required between sides of a duplex? 

• What are the code requirements for fire separation between an attached garage and the house?

Can a bedroom door open into the garage?

• How can formaldehyde gas in a house be a problem? 

Does an attached garage that is only used for storage or as a workshop, and not for parking a car, still have to comply with building code requirements for a garage?

• What is the minimum height above ground for wood floor joists and girders/beams? 

What causes a vertical crack in drywall? 

Where are the places to look to find structural cracks in a house?

• What causes drywall cracks in the ceilings and walls of a house? 

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