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The home inspector says I have construction defects. How did my home pass inspection by the building department? 

Does the seller have to make a repair requested by the homebuyer, even if the home inspector did not call it out as a defect?

The one home inspection question we get asked most often: "Will that be in the report?" 

Why do home inspectors sometimes specify "further evaluation and possible repair" instead of a specific repair or replacement?

What is the difference between a condo and a PUD for a home inspection?

Does  a homebuyer need to ask the seller's permission to do additional inspections after the initial one?

Do home inspectors inspect barns and other agricultural buildings on a farm? 

What is the difference between a structural defect and a cosmetic defect?

What inspections does a bank or mortgage lender need for loan approval? 

Are there any minimum inspection standards that a Florida licensed home inspector must meet?

Can a Florida licensed contractor do home inspections without having a home inspector license? 

Do home inspectors inspect outbuildings?

How can I make sure my house doesn't fail the home inspection? 

Does a home inspector give cost estimates for repairs?

How can I make sure I don't get screwed on my home inspection? 

Can you do a home inspection in the rain?

The seller gave me a report from a previous home inspection. Should I use it or get my own inspector?  

Who should pay for the home inspection?

Do I need a home inspection to get insurance?

Is a home inspection required? 

Is the 4-point insurance inspection strictly pass or fail?

Is a wind mitigation inspection report (OIR-B1-1802) required for homeowners insurance in Florida?

I can't find a local home inspector. What should I do? 

Does a home inspector lift up the carpet to look for cracks in the floor?

What does a home inspector mean by calling something "not readily accessible”?

Why do realtors call some home inspectors "deal killers"? 

Do home inspectors test the appliances?

Should I trust the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement? 

Should I follow the inspector around during the inspection?

Where are the funny home inspection pictures? 

What is a "cosmetic" defect in a home inspection?

Does a home inspector remove the electric panel cover plate and examine the inside of the panel? 

Should I only hire an inspector that is a member of a national association like ASHI or InterNACHI?

When did the first Florida Building Code (FBC) begin and become effective? 

What makes a house fail the home inspection?

Should I get a home inspection before signing a contract to buy the house? 

Should I use a contractor or a home inspector to inspect a house I'm buying?

Can a home inspector do repairs to a house after doing the inspection? 

Should I use my realtor's home inspector or choose one myself?

What is the difference between prescriptive and performance building codes? 

Are a range and refrigerator required kitchen appliances for a house to pass FHA inspection?

What is the difference between an FHA inspection and a home inspection? 

What are the requirements for a room to be classified as a bedroom?

Do home inspectors lift up the carpet to look for cracks in the floor? 

What can I learn from talking with the seller?

What is the difference between a home inspection and a final walkthrough inspection? 

How do I get my home ready for a four point inspection for insurance?

 What is the difference between "serviceable" and "satisfactory" in a home inspection report? 

What are the best home inspection tips for homebuyers?

How do devious sellers try to fool the home inspector? 

Do home inspectors go on the roof? Do they get in the attic?

Is it still possible to do a home inspection if there's no electricity or water? 

What do I need to know about a condo inspection?

What is the difference between a building inspector and a home inspector? 

What are the questions a home inspector won't (or shouldn't) answer?

Can I do my own wind mitigation inspection? 

Are house numbers required by law on the front of a house?

What is the "50 percent rule" for the compliance of existing buildings with flood provisions of the Florida Building Code? 

What is the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection?

Should a home inspection scare you? 

What is the best way to negotiate repairs after the home inspection?

Do we really need a home inspection?

What does "serviceable" mean in a home inspection report? 

How much does a home inspection cost?

What tools do you use for a home inspection? 

What questions should I ask the home inspector during the inspection?

What should I bring to the home inspection? 

Does my home inspection report give me everything I need to evaluate the price of a house?

How can I check to be sure a home inspector is licensed? 

How much does a mobile home inspection cost?

A "THIS HOME HAS BEEN WINTERIZED" notice posted in a foreclosure home means what? 

Should I hire an engineer to inspect the house?

What questions should you always ask before hiring a home inspector? 

How can I find out if all the home improvements had a building permit? 

Does a home inspector make sure the house is up to code?

Does the seller have to fix all defects found by a home inspector to sell the house? 

Should a homebuyer be there for the inspection?

How can I prep my house to get a better home inspection?  

Why does my homeowner's insurance want a four point inspection?

Will the home inspector help a homebuyer get the seller to reduce the price of the house? 

Can I do my own home inspection?

Who can do a home inspection in the State of Florida?

What tips do first-time homebuyers need to know to get a better home inspection? 

How can I reduce the risk of an expensive surprise when buying a house sight unseen?

What should I wear to a home inspection? 

What happens at a home inspection?

• What different types of specialized home inspections can I get?

• Is it common for an insurance company to require an inspection? 

• How do I get insurance if my home can't pass a 4-point inspection?

• A neighbor told me that the house I want to buy once had a bad mold problem. It was not in the seller's disclosure. What should I do? 

What repairs are required to be made after a home inspection?

• Why is buying an old house sometimes the best choice? 

Can a local building department choose to not enforce selected parts of the Florida Building Code?

• When were home inspectors first required to be licensed in Florida? 

How can a house be inspected by two different home inspectors that come up with different things to be fixed?

• Why is an asphalt shingle roof difficult to inspect when wet right after it has rained? 

What would cause a home inspector and roofing contractor to disagree on the remaining life left in a roof?

Does a home inspector check for permits?  

Does a home inspector have to be bonded? 

Why do home inspectors sometimes recommend "further evaluation by a structural engineer"? 

• What is a "Private Provider" building inspector? 

• Does a home inspector fight for a home buyer to get repairs or a price adjustment after an inspection? 

• Why are older houses, specifically ones built before 1940, more difficult to evaluate for a home inspector? 

How thorough is a home inspector required to be when inspecting a house? 

How do you determine when the house was built? 

• How long after the home inspection does the buyer have to back out?

How do I find out what was on a previous home inspection report? 

Are home inspections a public record?

• What is the difference between a material defect and a cosmetic defect in a home inspection? 

What is a home inspector not allowed to do?

• Do FHA loans require a home inspection? 

• Can a home inspector condemn a house?

• Should I tip the home inspector? 

Is a home inspection required for an FHA loan?

• Is a home inspection required for a VA loan? 

• Do home inspectors do progress inspections for new homes under construction?

• Can a home inspector work as a general contractor? 

How do you know it’s a dead person’s house?

• How does InterNACHI's We'll Buy Back Your Home Guarantee work? 

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