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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Here’s links to a collection of our blog posts about APPLIANCES: 

What are the building code requirements for installing an appliance (furnace, air handler, water heater) in the attic?

Which house appliances need a dedicated electrical circuit? 

Is a washing machine drain hose required to be secured at the standpipe?

When was GFCI-protection for kitchen dishwasher receptacle outlet first required? 

Why does venting a clothes dryer into a garage, attic, or crawl space cause problems?

Does a refrigerator water supply line require a shutoff valve behind it? 

My spa tub stopped working. What's wrong?

What is the maximum recommended height above the floor for an above-the-range microwave?

Why would a home have natural gas appliances but no gas meter? 

Is a hot water faucet required at a washing machine?

Can I remove a 240-volt range receptacle and hard-wire the range? 

 Can a dishwasher be wired to a kitchen counter small appliance receptacle circuit?

Why is it bad to have a clothes dryer vent near an air conditioning condenser (outdoor unit)? 

Do home inspectors test the appliances? 

Does a home inspector check for appliance recalls?

What are the most common defects with over-the-range microwaves?

Are a range and refrigerator required kitchen appliances for a house to pass FHA inspection? 

What are the code requirements for an outdoor dryer vent cover?

What is the maximum length for a clothes dryer vent? 

What is the maximum length for a washing machine drain hose?

Why are my ceiling fan blades drooping?

How do you inspect a dryer vent? 

• Why is there a water hose connected to the back of the clothes dryer?

• How does a home inspector inspect a refrigerator ice maker? 

What is the minimum height of a ceiling fan above the floor? 

Why are rubber washing machine hoses a safety risk? 

• What are the most common problems with washing machine installation and maintenance?

What is the correct height for the washing machine drain standpipe or outlet box? 

• Is a range hood exhaust fan required in the kitchen?

Do microwaves require any minimum clearances around them? 

What gas appliances are not required to be vented?

Can a grille covering a hole in the drywall ceiling be used for the required make up (combustion supply) air for a gas water heater or furnace in a garage? 

What are the most common problems with wall/window air conditioners? 

• Why do the manufacturers of many 120-volt wall/window air conditioners specify "USE ON SINGLE OUTLET CIRCUIT ONLY."

Is  a laundry area for a washing machine required by code for a single family residence? 

• Can a dishwasher drain hose be connected after the sink trap (to the trap arm)? 

• How far away from the sink can I install a dishwasher?

What is a "high drain loop" or "air gap" in a dishwasher drain hose? 

Should I remove an old whole house fan or keep it? 

• When is a ceiling fan too low? 

• Does a home inspector check the dishwasher? 

• Why is an anti-tip device now required behind the range? 

• Does a home inspector check the kitchen range or cooktop? 

• Does a home inspector check the refrigerator? 

• Does a home inspector check the washing machine? 

• What is code for dryer vent termination clearance? 

• What is code for dryer vents? 

• Does a home inspector light pilot lights? 

• Do home inspectors check the clothes dryer exhaust vent system?

• Does a home inspector check remote controls? 

• Does a wall or window air conditioner need a dedicated circuit? 

What is the average life expectancy of a freezer? 

• Is a washing machine a plumbing fixture? 

• Is a dishwasher a plumbing fixture? 

• Why is there a floor drain in the laundry room? 

• Does a wall oven require venting to the exterior? 

• Does a combination microwave and range hood require a dedicated circuit? 

What are the code requirements for a range hood duct?

• Is a refrigerator required to have its own dedicated circuit?

• Can you vent a clothes dryer into the attic? 

• Are bare-bulb light fixtures (lamp holders) legal by code? 

• Does code require venting a dryer outside? 

• Where do I shut off the refrigerator water line? 

• What is the standard height for a refrigerator receptacle outlet? 

• Does code require a ceiling fan to be grounded? 

When was a receptacle outlet for a washing machine first required by code? 

• Does code require a water shut-off valve for dishwashers? 

• What is the code minimum size of a dishwasher water supply line? 

• What is the maximum length of a flexible dryer duct?

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